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本文摘要:Accusations about information security directed toward Chinese communication equipment should based on facts or investigative results rather than concerns raised by possible vulnerabilities, observers said on Tuesday after British ministri


Accusations about information security directed toward Chinese communication equipment should based on facts or investigative results rather than concerns raised by possible vulnerabilities, observers said on Tuesday after British ministries dumped Chinese products.英国政府部门周二弃用中国华为公司的产品后,观察者称之为对于中国通信设备有关“信息安全”方面的指控应该创建在事实和调查结果而非有可能不存在的“漏洞”之上。British government departments such as the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Crown Prosecution Service are all said to have stopped using equipment manufactured by Chinese telecom company Huawei amid fears they are being used by the Chinese government to eavesdrop, according to a report by the UKs Sunday Mirror.据英国《星期日镜报》报导称之为,英国内政部、司法部和皇家检察署等部门皆已停止使用中国华为公司生产的视频会议设备,防止中国政府利用这些设备展开监听活动。A briefing was sent to all ministerial departments urging them to stop using the video-conferencing equipment, the newspaper said, adding that there are possible vulnerabilities that have caused widespread concern.《星期日镜报》称之为,一份高层摘要已被发给至英国各内阁部门,通报停止使用由华为公司生产的视频会议设备。

报导还称之为,一些有可能不存在的“漏洞”早已引发了普遍的注目。The former head of the Foreign Offices Asia research group, Roderic Wye, told the paper there had long been fears about the firms operations.英国外交部亚洲研究小组前负责人Roderic Wye称之为,“对华为公司业务运营的忧虑不存在已幸”。He said: Its a matter of record that the United States and Australia have had real concerns about Huawei. The UK has been rather more open and there is quite a bit of Huawei investment in this country.他说道:“美国和澳大利亚对华为公司的运营仍然不存在贯彻的忧虑,这是有案可查的事情。


英国在此方面的态度仍然对外开放得多,华为公司在英国有大量的投资。”But there clearly remain concerns over how close the relationship is between Huawei and the Chinese government — and whether it could be a risk using the firms technology in sensitive areas.“但似乎如今依然有忧虑回应不理解华为公司与中国政府之间的关系密切到何种程度,也就是说在一些脆弱领域用于华为公司的设备否意味著不会带给风险。”Huawei said the accusation was misleading and without any evidence.华为公司反攻称之为这些指控为无稽之谈,且不存在误导性。

Our video conferencing equipment is based on global standards, so to suggest it is specifically open to abuse would be misleading, said a statement from the companys UK branch.“我们的视频会议设备都是合乎国际标准的,因此似乎它们被用于类似用途的作法是不存在误导性的。”华为英国分公司发表声明称之为。

We are a private, employee-owned company, and we share the same goal as our customers — to raise the standard of cybersecurity, and to ensure technology benefits consumers.“我们是一家私营的员工持股公司,我们与顾客具有联合的目标,那就是提升网络安全标准,确保将技术教化于顾客。”Xiang Ligang, a Beijing- based telecom expert, said the biggest threat to information security is not from the equipment but peoples actions.项立刚是北京的一名电信专家,他说道,信息安全面对的仅次于威胁不是设备,而是人为的作法。Huawei has been shut out of the US market for the same reason, but from the Edward Snowden case we see that the US government, which doesnt use Huaweis products, was monitoring their own citizens, foreign diplomats and other countries officials, Xiang said.“华为公司就是因为这一原因而仍然没转入美国市场,从斯诺登事件我们可以看见,没用于华为产品的美国政府,却在监控他们自己的市民、其他国家的外交人员和政府工作人员。


”He Maochun, director of the Economy and Diplomacy Research Center at Tsinghua University, said it is unfair to dump Chinese products because of fear rather than evidence.清华大学经济外交研究中心主任何茂春说道,英国政府因为对监听活动的担忧而非事实的证据拆毁华为公司设备的不道德是不公平的。Many Chinese telecom companies such as Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei are treated unfairly in Western markets for similar reasons. And the cases are likely to appear when Chinese telecom products are entering their markets on a large scale, He said.“很多中国的电信公司,比如误解、中兴和华为等等,都因为相近的理由在西方市场受到不公平的待遇,特别是在是当中国的电信产品大规模地占有它们的市场份额的时候。”The director said Chinese companies can improve transparency on information security and give foreign markets more confidence in their products.何茂春说道,中国公司应该提升自身在信息安全方面的透明度,强化外国市场对于其产品的信心。Industrial associations and the Chinese government should try to support the companies to pursue more legal measures to protect the rights they deserve, he added.“行业协会和中国政府也应该竭力反对这些公司利用法律手段确保自身的合法权利。

”Many British products, such as financial services and construction equipment, are imported to China every year. If China treated UK companies the same way, it would be unfair to the British companies, the director said.另外,何茂春补足说道,中国每年都会进口很多英国产品,还包括金融服务和建筑设备等等。如果中国政府以某种程度的方式对待英国公司,那对于英国公司来讲也是不公平的。